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#14-15. Life on Mars (S1-2)

And finally, w'ere at the end of the challenge. I've watched both seasons of Life on Mars at Christmas. 16 episodes in just a few days because it was quite addicting. And now, here I am talking about it, even though, after 3 months, I fear I've started to forget some of the details.

Is there life on Mars?Collapse )

I've been working on this fanmix, my first one, for ages. Like two years. And then I was procrastinating with the cover art and the posting, but here we are at the end. I think the songs in this one clearly reflect my odd and eclectic taste in music. But enough with the introduction. Let's get to the mix itself.

Title: Blue Skies In Between
Fandom: 24
Ship: Bill/Karen
Spoilers: Up to S7
Songs: 11 tracks

Come away with me on a busCollapse )

Challenge: New Inventions

My answer to the challenge over at lovebelowstairs. Not that much, just a frew icons and a banner, but I needed to do something about my second OTP from Downton Abbey: Carson/Telephone. Here they are.

Texless icons aren't bases.
Feel free to snag anything you like,but remember to credit if you use them somewhere.
Comments are always well welcomed!
Please, do not hotlink.

[1-8] Carson/Telephone icons (episode 1x07)
[9] Carson/Telephone banner (episode 1x07)



Hello, hello?Collapse )

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#13. Invasion: Earth (S1)

Sci-fi and I don't get along so well, actually we usually avoid each other mutually. I tend to get bored after a little while and I'm not that nerd as some of my friends think so I don't get the Star Trek jokes (Sheldon Cooper would be so disappointed in me) or any other thing that involves aliens and starships. So, my dear reader, you might be wondering: what possessed me to watch a very defunct British mini-series about aliens invading the Highlands? Well...it's just 6 episodes and Phyllis Logan plays a very badass RAF pilot. Oh, yes, and frakcancer told me there was a high rate of shipping. So, I watched it (and you still haven't heard about the Babylon 5 spin-off with Gary Cole I have stored somewhere which I'll watch sooner or later...).

Huge spoilers from outer spaceCollapse )

#12. Hawthorne (S3)

This is one of those show that made me wonder with each passing minute “Why the heck am I still watching this?”. Ah, yeah, right: Michael Vartan and James Morrison. Still, not even their presence on my screen could save Hawthorne from being a completely sucky show. And thinking it started in such a promising way…but it lasted just a couple of episodes, I think. I’m actually happy the show got axed at the end of the season (yes, no more suffering because of these men!) and I’m not even bothered they left us with what should be considered a big cliffhanger. I’m not even sure Vartan can act anymore…he was good on Alias or maybe I was just mesmerized by his big blue eyes and the charm of the spy game.

Believe me, you wanna be spoiled. That's a good excuse not to watch it.Collapse )

#11. Hope and Glory (S3)

The reason I watched this? Pretty simple: the one and only Phyllis Logan (still fangirling a lot). I didn't know that much about the show per se and I hadn't watched the previous two seasons, but living in the Age of the Internet is pretty useful for that too. That said, PL aside, I really liked this series both because of the setting and mostly because I think it stays very close to reality, seeing things from an interesting perspective.

Saved by the bell...Collapse )

#10. Downton Abbey (S2)

Apparently everything I've done these days is watching Downton and my challenge is not progressing that well. Season 2 has been over for more than a month now, I've already gotten my DVDs, rewatched scenes and episodes and I'm anxiously waiting for the Christmas special. So, what's more to say about it?

Season 2 wasn't as perfect as season 1. There have been quite some sophomore slumps. Storylines felt rushed at times (Fellowes has still problems with jealousy and time travelling, apparently), some characters seemed to have very little purpose and others seemed a bit wasted. On the other hand, he dragged things too much for the main couples on the show, specially Mary and Matthew and Sybil and Branson, even though I'm happy at least one of them got a closure in the finale. I think there were some wasted chances and so much potential that hasn't been explored yet, but I hope he'll do things better for the new season and less rushed. The fact S3 will cover just a couple of years is already a big consolation.

Nevertheless, I still love this show so very much and I think it still is superior to a lot of other things on TV at the moment. And, the most important thing, it still manages to make me feel excited, emotional, happy, even angry at times. So as long as it arises emotions in me, I think he can forgive Fellowes for his ridiculous fails. And because he still has quite some difficulties to admit secretly married couples are married. We all know whom I'm talking about.

That said, I'll let my weekly tamblings for each episode speak further about it.  


Celebratory Sunday Graphics

Since our awesome team (GO CARSON/HUGHES!!!) has won the Battleship over at lovebelowstairs and this whole Sunday Funday is dedicated to these adorable two character, here are a couple of larger graphics.

Spoiler alert for episode 2x04!!!

Too awesome to describeCollapse )

Battleship Entry #2

My second batch of icons for the epic Battleship at lovebelowstairs. Team Carson/Hughes rulez!
That said, let's get to the business. A few simple rules, as usual, first:

Texless icons aren't bases.
Feel free to snag anything you like,but remember to credit if you use them somewhere.
Comments are always well welcomed!
Please, do not hotlink.

As you can see, I've experimented with colours at times and cropping. Some of these required hilarious quotes.

[1-18] Episode 2x02
[19-51] Episode 2x03
[52-62] Episode 1x07 (requested by bsg_aussiegirl )
[63-71] Episode 2x05 (requested by frakcancer because she's got pretty eyes and they're not brown)



Let's rock this ship!!!Collapse )

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Battleship Entry #1

Icons made for the Battleship Challenge over at lovebelowstairs .

[1-19] Downton Abbey 2x01 (Carson/Hughes)

As usual...
Texless icons aren't bases.
Feel free to snag anything you like,but remember to credit if you use them somewhere.
Comments are always well welcomed!
Please, do not hotlink.



OTP: Secretly MarriedCollapse )

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