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#12. Hawthorne (S3)

This is one of those show that made me wonder with each passing minute “Why the heck am I still watching this?”. Ah, yeah, right: Michael Vartan and James Morrison. Still, not even their presence on my screen could save Hawthorne from being a completely sucky show. And thinking it started in such a promising way…but it lasted just a couple of episodes, I think. I’m actually happy the show got axed at the end of the season (yes, no more suffering because of these men!) and I’m not even bothered they left us with what should be considered a big cliffhanger. I’m not even sure Vartan can act anymore…he was good on Alias or maybe I was just mesmerized by his big blue eyes and the charm of the spy game.

In short, season 3 could be summed up like this. Christina marries Vartan’s character but loses her baby on her wedding day, after being brutally attacked on the parking lot of the hospital. Neither Christina nor her husband are able to face the consequences of such an event (let’s admit they never had that much chemistry to begin with) and things get even more complicated when the detective, a.k.a. Jennifer Lopez’ ex-husband, gets in the middle. Christina is torn between her husband and the passion for the detective. She chooses the detective but then regrets it. In the meanwhile, boring!daughter Camille falls for a new overly religious doctor with kids and a wife at home.

The few good things of the show?

-James Morrison. Because he’s James Morrison and his big blue eyes could make even a stinky storyline like “the boss is working too much and becomes an alcoholic and then turns a yogi” be more sufferable. Moreover, have you heard the man speak?
-Brenda. She was my least fave character at the beginning, but, must be the aging, she’s become more of a softy with time, even though she hasn’t lost her edge and insufferableness towards the others. I just wish she weren’t that neglected and the only regret I have about the axing of the show is that we won’t be able to see her play the aunt.
-Vanessa Langies. She’s great in playing the naive character who often created embarassment. Even though that got boring too with time.
-Mark Anthony’s character being shot at the end. I couldn’t suffer him. Sorry.
-Chi McBride. Because I miss Pushing Daisies so much!

The ridiculous things? Ahem, basically all the rest. Let’s face it. This show went on for 3 seasons just because Jada Pinkett-Smith was behind it and no one wants to bother the wife of the Prince of Bel Air.


Feb. 15th, 2012 11:26 pm (UTC)
I hadn't really kept with the show. I saw the pilot way back when and I thought it was kinda nice, then put the whole show on "my to watch for later" list. I never got around to it because I heard it got really bad really quick.
Now I'm seriously considering not even trying to check it out...
Feb. 17th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
Do yourself a favour and don't watch it. It really is terrible.
Apr. 13th, 2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
Great! I'll take your word for it. ;D



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