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Downton Abbey - Trailerpalooza

I go out one night and when I get online again what do I find? Downton Abbey Season 2 trailers!!! I've been squeeing while watching them again and again since lunch today. This gloomy day brightened up considerably much. So, since I haven't done some speculations and proper fangirling in a while, here's a post completely dedicated to the trailers.

Speculations about the amazingly awesome trailers behind the cut. Spoilers included.Collapse )

#9. Downton Abbey (S1)

New post, new show, new fave series of the year. I'm talking about the most amazing thing ever, better known as Downton Abbey. It'd been on my watchlist for quite a while since I knew the one and only Maggie Smith, one of my fave actresses ever, was in it and because Julian Fellowes's written and produced it, which was enough of a guarantee for me since Gosford Park is in my Top 10 Fave Movies list (which I've just invented it). But I'm getting carried away and I still haven't said a word about the series itself.


Welcome to Downton!Collapse )


#8. American Gothic (S1)

And finally LJ is working properly again! It's been a nightmare the whole week (but I guess the 4 Trojans I found in my computer didn't help either). Anyway, I can finally post something about another series I've recently watched. I'll try not to be so totally fangirlish (because a person or two around here know how fangirlish I could get).


There's something rotten in TrinityCollapse )


#7. Boardwalk Empire (S1)

And we're at our seventh season. This time it's Boardwalk Empire. As soon as I read about this project, more than one year ago now, I was immediately curious. A prohibition era drama directed by Martin Scorsese and with Steve Buscemi. What's not to like in this? I wanted to watch it last September, but then I got carried away with things so it had to wait. And now that I've watched it all, I can only say BE is a big disappointment to me. This show has a fantastic golden and shiny exterior. It looks like it's perfect. But then you look further, you start digging and there's nothing in there or, if there's something, it's rotten.


The Boardwalk massacreCollapse )


#5-6. Castle (S2-3)

And here's another post, this time two seasons together. I watched the first season of Castle when it came out and I was really in love with it. I promised myself to watch the other seasons too, but I left them behind because I was already watching too many shows. So this seemed like the best chance to catch up with it. And needless to say, I'm still in love with it. Maybe even more. It must be the smart writing, the fact that even in the darkest moments they always manage to put a laugh in it. It's the show you wanna watch when you come home in the evening after a long day. And the cast is simply amazing. There's not one character I don't like. All of them are great in their own way and even more in the way they interact each other. So, let's start from the relationships.


I really am ruggedly handsome!Collapse )



#4. The West Wing (S7)

With a lot of delay (exams got in the middle and personal stuff as well), here's another series I've watched. This time it's the seventh season of The West Wing. I've always watched bits and pieces of TWW. I've watched the majority of S5 and S6, but I decided to watch the whole last season since I was pretty much curious to see how it was gonna end for all our fave characters.


The last days at the White HouseCollapse )

#3. Mr. Sunshine (S1)

I keep failing at updating this journal. I don't even know if someone's still reading it, but somehow it's still useful to me. Here I am talking about the third season I've watched this year, quite some time after I actually finished to watch it, but as usual time is running out too fast.

And I'm a little bit sad to talk about Mr. Sunshine today since ABC announced it was cancelled the last week. Such a pity! I've basically started to watch it because I wanted to see Allison Janney back on TV and in a comedy too, but I really grew to love it each passing episode. I've never been a fan of Friends so Matthew Perry wasn't a huge tune in factor for me (even though he and Kudrow are the only ones I can watch without suffering from that cast), but he revealed himself to be really good. Mr. Sunshine is not one of those comedies that make you laugh all the time. It doesn't have crass jokes and it's not always 100% comical. It's more a bittersweet show dealing with the relationships between characters and the growth of its protagonist. It's even a bit cynical and sarcastic at times. And maybe that's why it got axed. However, it's just 9 episodes and if you happen to have some time this summer, give it a try.

Cut for mild spoilers. More about Perry, Janney and Jorge Garcia behind the cut.Collapse )

#2. Grey's Anatomy (S6)

I admit it. I'm a big failure at updating this journal. Not that someone's still reading this much of it. Truth is I've been pretty busy with life as usual and pretty much caught up in other social networks, specially gushing The Good Wife on forums. My challenge is going so so, there are two season I've finished to watch in ages and haven't still written of and since I feel like writing today, here's one.
So let's start with Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy. I used to watch it on TV every week, but I got a bit bored around S4 so I usually wait for the summer (or even later in this case) to watch the whole season together. It's usually a better idea since this is a show that, no matter how soap operatic it is, usually manages to catch my attention and makes me wanna see more. Kudos to the evil Shonda for that.

After a not so amazing fifth season, except some episodes, season 6 was a good reboot, introducing new characters (that yes, are there mainly as love interests) and developing the older ones in, at times, unexpected ways.

Spoiler Alert! (if you haven't watched it yet!)Collapse )

Fanfiction: Love on the Line

Fandom: The Good Wife
Characters/Pairing: Diane/Kurt
Summary: An unexpected call turns Christmas into something completely different for Diane.
Disclaimer: Diane and Kurt are just borrowed. They belong to the Kings and the writers of the show. The other ones are all mine.
Rating: T (just some minor swearing)

Spoilers/Timeline: post Great Firewall (2x16). Since the timeline has never been really clear on the show, all the events up to this episode happened before Christmas.
Author's note: This is my first fanfic in English. I still don't know what led me to writing. Probably the huge boredom I found myself in while without connection. Just remember English isn't my mother tongue.
Title inspired by Hear Me Out by Frou Frou
Dedicated to
[info]raileht and  [info]marysunshine81  because they're simply amazing.


Love on the LineCollapse )



#1. Damages (S3)

Here I am with the first season watched this year. I've had S3 of Damages sitting on my hard drive for ages and I finally got around it. I have to admit I had some difficulties at remembering a few things from past seasons, but the more I watched, the more they came back. And this season was certinaly better than S2 and more interesting. I really thing I could build a statue to Martin Short and Lily Tomlin. But let's go with the usual list of things I liked and things I didn't.

Cut for spoilersCollapse )

I think it's all. I really can't wait to watch the 4th season. As for the next season for my challenge...I'm still thinking about it, but I have a few names lined up.



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