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Who am I anyway...
I'm Ellie and I'm in my early twenties. I was born in Rome,Italy where I've lived my whole life. I'm a very creative and imaginative person, but I can be very methodic and organized at the same time. I also happen to be quite chatty so sometimes my posts are very long. Not my fault...I tend to be carried away when I like something.
...am I my resumé?
I'm a student at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". My major is Cinema studies, but I'm very interested in theatre too. I'd like to pursue a career as a critic after graduation and write for a magazine dedicated to cinema or be a reviewer for a newspaper.
A few of my favourite things
When I'm not studying, I like reading, singing,going to the movies,hanging out with friends, Photoshopping,cooking,swimming and travelling.
I love Art in all its manifestations: paintings, specially modern art and Pop Art,sculptures, architecture, music, theatre and cinema. I'm really fond of musicals, both Broadway ones like A Chorus Line(which is my fave)and Classic Hollywood ones like Singing in the rain.
I'm quite a TV addicted and I love surfing on the net.
I pine, I blush, I squeak, I squawk
Musicals: A Chorus Line,Chicago,Hair,Mamma mia!,Wicked
Movies: Gosford Park, Dirty Dancing,Hitchcock,Old Hollywood movies and everything's British
Books: Harry Potter series, A room with a view, Agatha Christie and essays on theatre and cinema
TV:Gilmore Girls,Alias,Charmed,JAG,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Heroes,24,Fringe,The Good Wife,Downton Abbey
Fave characters and couples: Emily Gilmore,Emily/Richard,Jack Bristow,Arvin Sloane,Jack/Irina, Sydney/Vaughn, Piper, Piper/Leo,Bud Roberts,Giles, Giles/Joyce,Angela Petrelli,HRG,Bill/Karen,Allison Taylor,Olivia Dunham,Peter Bishop,Albus/Minerva,Tonks/Lupin,Diane/Kurt,Mr.Carson/Mrs.Hughes
Actors:Maggie Smith,Kelly Bishop,Cristine Rose,Jayne Atkinson,Helen Mirren,Micheal Caine,Christine Baranski,Gary Cole,Phyllis Logan,Gene Kelly,James Stewart
Send in the clowns
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